Ok, I Get It Already!!!

I hate it when the local news here keeps going back to a ‘Breaking News’ story that was resolved an hour before the broadcast. I already know what I did, they’re just rubbing it in.

It’s so ridiculous. They keep going back to the same reporter every five minutes to get the exact same ‘update’ as the last one. It drives me nuts. Then they go to the 20 minute weather forecast which I already got on my phone in about 30 seconds. I see no point in watching the newscast. The rest is sports, which would be enjoyable of the guy wasn’t an arrogant jerk.

I suppose it could be worse. I used to live in Southern California and there were tons of short crime stories, car chases, etc. The weather reports were the same long winded kind, but they hired funny people to present them so at least it was somewhat entertaining. If you can make flood warnings fun, you’re good.

We only record the news nightly because Heather days she wants to catch the weather report. I know! I use that time to take my pills for the night which I can’t believe takes up the entire weather report. I know I’m getting older. The calendar reminds me of that daily. I think I’m ok as long as I don’t start watching and liking ‘The Price is Right’. I think you’ve just given in when that happens.

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3 thoughts on “Ok, I Get It Already!!!

  1. My feed from the BBC to my phone is annoying like that. It alleges the item is 30 minutes old at 4pm, and when I tell Sheila, she says ‘Oh yes I read that over breakfast’.
    She is always ahead of me with the news these days…I’m going to go around with a small radio in my pocket and a earpiece!

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