What??? I Flunked???

I flunked my English class once. But I didn’t care. I remember thinking, “This is so lame. Like I’m ever gonna use this stuff out in the real world.” As an author, I don’t think I really thought that one through.

I always hear people say the same thing about algebra, calculus, chemistry, etc. You’ve heard it too and in fact, may have said it yourself. In hindsight, I think there are only a couple of classes about which I can honestly say that was true.

I went to school in California. This geographic information is really important to my ridiculous choices. We had to take a foreign language course. It didn’t really matter which one. I chose German! I know! I’ve never had to use German – ever, and if I did, I think all I could mutter would be “Where is my pencil?” Perhaps Spanish would have been more practical?

I have a really great friend who is German, so I probably could converse with her in her native language but she was smart enough to learn English. I know! I should have obviously taken Mandarin so I can understand what they’re saying about me at the Fuji Dragon when I get take out.

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3 thoughts on “What??? I Flunked???

  1. Why do they always History so dull for kids when it’s packed with enough excitement to keep a class full of 14 year old boys entertained.

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  2. I beat you for the most useless language studied in high school! I took … wait for it … LATIN! Know anybody who speaks Latin these days? And I can only remember one word: agricola … means farmer. 🤣 I did get As in the course, however … both years!

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