Knock Knock!! I Know Who You Are!!

My landlord is so cool! I told him we needed a peep hole in the front door. He really didn’t want a hole in the door, so he bought a ring bell so I can see everyone who comes to the door before I open it. Now when the cops come for me, I can just pretend I’m not here. Sweet!

The ring bell is such a great device. You get an alert when there’s motion on the porch so you can instantly check out the video and sound on your phone. No more unwanted guests! No more porch pirates! No more solicitors! No more unexpected visits from my mother in law!

The app even shows you recent crimes in your surrounding area, which is cool if you’re a crook because you know when the heat is on and you need to move on to fresh territory. I might use it to scare people. Right before they ring the bell, I quickly open the door and yell, “What??” I should probably learn CPR first.

Aaron Eames, the greatest landlord on the planet, will be installing it over the weekend. I can’t wait! Another cool gadget and I didn’t even pay for this one. So now I have Alexa to turn on the lights and electric fireplace, TV and computer and I won’t have to go to the door now. I think I’m going to start wearing Depends and never leave the couch again!

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