That’s Gross! I’m Not Touching It!!!

I think there is nothing as disgusting as cleaning out the refrigerator and discovering partially liquified cucumbers, zucchini etc., with the exception of pizza with pineapple and anchovies. That should be illegal.

Like most men, I always get stuck with every single gross chore. Why is this sort of a standard? Men have even been guilted into changes soiled diapers. I know! If you’re a woman, your probably getting pretty ticked of at me right now and I don’t blame you. Men should be just as responsible as women for that disgusting thing.

But that leads me to other gross things, such as taking out the bathroom trash, throwing out moldy leftovers or finding that disgusting ‘mystery smell’. Why are those also chores that belong only to me? If something gets stuck in the garbage disposal? Yep, it’s my hand that goes in to get whatever is causing the problem out.

A toilet gets clogged? Mine again. Drain pipe needs to be snaked to get all of the slimy hair from the bathroom sink? Something gets accidentally thrown away? Again, my job to dive right in, no matter how gross the garbage, and retrieve the item.

I’m going to talk to Heather about getting a hazard pay allowance. Yeah, right. I just need to accept that this is my lot in life. Sigh.

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