Girls In The Boy Scouts??? Are You Insane???

Hmmm…. Why aren’t boys going crazy trying to get in the girl Scouts? Maybe because they don’t want to wear skirts and sell cookies?

I’m all for progress that makes sense, but please explain to me why girls, who have the girls scout organization, feel the need to infiltrate the boy scout world? To me, this is as insane as it gets in our world. And it WORKED! I know!

What could the motive possibly be? I realize that the boys do more fun things than the girl scouts do, which is apparently just selling cookies. How much fun is that? Today my wife and I saw at least a dozen different places set aside for corners on which to sell some of the best cookies on the planet.

But does that do enough to satisfy the girls? I don’t think so. So is the answer to infiltrate the boy scouts or perhaps change some of the activities of the girl scouts to meet the needs of the girls? How crazy is it that the Girl Scouts will resist changes that will keep their girls happy and, um, IN THE GIRL SCOUTS?? I think the Girl Scout program needs a complete overhaul if they’re losing their GIRLS to the BOY SCOUTS!!!!

I think the Girl Scout organization should be revamped to include a lot more fun things that the boys do in order to satisfy their membership. Sadly, it’s too late for that. Just don’t label this, as many have, as ‘gender equality’. That’s rubbish.

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