I’m only sure of one thing!!

There is only one thing in my life that I’m sure of, and that is the love of my wife. Oh, and God. Um, my kids and grandkids love me too. Plus I have to pay taxes. And my dogs love me too. Ok, there seem to be lots of things I’m sure of. Life is good. Except for the taxes part. I hate that.

Normally, you only hear ‘it’s a sure thing’ when someone wants you to invest in something or a horse you should bet on. I think we’ve all learned from the Bernie Madoff’s in this world that a sure thing is bound to be anything but that. Well, I guess not everyone because it seems like someone gets busted for bilking people out of their money every year.

I could do it. I’m sure of it. I guess there’s another thing to add to my list. The problem is that you can find people who believe most anything if you have charisma along with a compelling message. We hear about these whackos who claim to be God and talk people into giving them whatever they want.

I think maybe I’ll try it out, just for fun. I’ll convince people that daylight saving time is a secret government program designed to control us by messing with our sleep patterns twice a year, rendering us helpless to their diabolical plot. What plot? It really doesn’t matter because I’ll need to change it up every once in a while. That’s just good marketing.

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