Where Did The Shuttlecock Go???

I honestly don’t understand what is fun about playing badminton. I think it’s a lot like dating. You give it your best shot and have no idea where it’s going to end up.

Since curling is an athletic event, recognized by the Olympics, I think badminton should be added to the mix. That’s a hard game, particularly if the wind is blowing even slightly. The problem might be drawing an audience. Playing the game is bad enough, but watching it? I think I would rather watch reruns of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

And the shuttlecock? Are you kidding me? You hit it with what feels like a tiny balsa wood racquet and hope it makes it over the net in bounds. Hit it too hard and it rockets out of bounds. To soft and it just goes straight up. The only way to get good enough to really play this stupid game is to practice every day and frankly, I’d rather put a bullet in my head.

Who named the projectile shuttlecock? You just can’t say that word without giggling. I’ll bet you just tried it. Did you giggle? Of course you did. It’s just a funny word, like the capital of Thailand. That’s funny too. I agree that it is probably juvenile but then again, my wife giggles each time she heard the word ‘duty’.

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