Ahhhh!!! My Thumb Is Swelling And Turning Blue!!!

Is it really necessary to make the ‘thumbs up’ graphic on Facebook Messenger so gigantic and blue? It always freaks me out! It’s like it got nailed hard with a hammer.

Bigger isn’t always better and if you went to THAT place, shame on you! I know! Certain things you don’t want to be big. How about your electric bill for example? Or any bill, for that matter. The smaller, the better. We also don’t want to have a big blemish on our face. Very embarrassing and hard to hide, even with make up.

I remember the first time I used the giant blue Facebook thumb. It was March 2nd, 2016. I know that for sure because I had to be checked into the local psych ward for three days of observation. I just kept muttering “The great blue thumb” for three days straight. No one knew what I was talking about.

Now I simply use the keyboard emoticons. Much smaller and far less startling. The only real problem is when someone I’m messaging uses it. In fact that’s probably worse because you don’t see it coming. Someone did it to me last week and I was so startled, I instinctively threw my phone like a Randy Johnson fast ball. It went right through my big screen TV, so I had to replace both. Stupid big blue thumb. I hate you.

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