Wow! That Hurt!!!

I always hear people say, “He threw me under the bus”. That doesn’t make sense. I’ve tested it on three different people now and it’s so much easier to push them in front of a moving bus. Plus bonus, it’s really easier on the back.

People say the craziest things. In matters of love, we hear things like, “I would climb the highest mountain just for your love.” I think the proper response should be, “Ok, you go climb Mt. Everest, bring back proof and we’ll talk.”

“I’d swim the deepest ocean to prove my love for you.” Really? That would only be proof that you’re a good swimmer and has nothing to do with your love for someone. And does it really matter how deep the water is? You’d be swimming on the surface.

I think more realistic sacrifices would get her attention. How about, I would get a job, make your car payment, send you flowers on your birthday, Valentines Day and our anniversary. Or maybe, I’ll take the trash out before it begins to fall off the top, help you with housework and kids and buy you jewelry for no particular reason and treat you like the lady you are. Of course if you really did climb Everest I think it would backfire because she would know you’re insane.

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2 thoughts on “Wow! That Hurt!!!

  1. Good points Jerry.
    Now if someone says ‘I love you so much I will unplug your drains that have blocked up this past high summer’s week’, now that’s love!
    (Or sitting through the dvd of a film that you secretly hate, for the umpteenth time because your loved one likes it)

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