That’s Incredible!! Wait…

In a restaurant in San Francisco, I told the waiter I read that it was the healthiest city in the country. He said, “It is. When I arrived here I had no hair. I couldn’t walk, and I had to be lifted out of bed.” I said, “That’s amazing! How long have you been here?” He said, “I was born here.” Well played, waiter man. Well played.

In one article, I read that New Jersey was the healthiest town in the country. Really? Aren’t there a lot of gangsters there? There should be an asterisk beside it’s name that reads *Unless you owe the mob a lot of money.

Seattle was high on the list, too. That I can understand. The same is true for Portland, Oregon. It’s no coincidence that all three are on the west coast. Fresh air… That’s all I can come up with. Apparently that’s important.

I would think it would be Buford, Wyoming. It has a population of one. The crime rate is very low and the pace of life is really slow. I think that means that the entire town is pretty much stress free. What is there to worry about? Tourism? Tax revenue? I don’t think so. The expectations for a town that size have got to be pretty low.

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