I’ve Been Working Like Dog!!!

I don’t understand the term, ‘working like a dog’. My dogs don’t work. In fact, they just lay around looking cute. That’s it. Oh, they pretend to protect us by barking at the front door when no one is there. I can do that. I can also sleep like a log. I’m very talented.

I know there are dogs on farms that work hard, and there are the amazing police dogs who also work hard, but they love doing what they do. When we imply that we’re working like dogs, it’s like saying that we hate it, so perhaps that phrase needs to be replaced with something like “I’ve been working like a yak”.

Yaks work really hard as pack animals, carrying very heavy loads of supplies, Mary Kay products, weapons and cocaine. I’m pretty sure I read about the Mary Kay products on Wikipedia. At any rate, I just think that saying “I’ve been working like a yak” seems much more tiring than a dog.

There is a local restaurant that serves yak. Well, they don’t serve yaks as guests, they offer yak steak. I’ve not had the nerve to order it, but I might. It’s just not good to eat a food product called ‘yak’.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Working Like Dog!!!

  1. I don’t know if it counts but in some European counties dogs used to pull small milk carts….mind you on reflection it doesn’t sound too tiring.
    Although there is being dog-tired?

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