They’re Coming!! They’re Coming!!!

Sometimes I order food from ‘Uber Eats’ just so I can watch the car move to my house on the map. Easily entertained? Pretty much.

I love the Uber Eats program. For those who might be unfamiliar with it, you download the app on your phone. When you open it, it determines your location and offers up every participating restaurant. You choose from the menu from the place you choose, pay with your choice of cards, PayPal, etc.

There is usually a delivery charge, although I normally wait until they run a free delivery promotion and that means I only pay for the food and a tip! Very cool! Domino’s has something similar but without the cool map. Not nearly as much fun. Oh and Uber Eats tells you what kind of car is being used and the license plate number.

Now ‘Turo’ is another thing. It’s a program with an app that allows a person coming in to an airport to rent your personal car. I know! They say that you can earn up to $12,000 a year! There’s only one tiny little problem. They don’t have permits to rent cars at the airport. People renting their cars are now being cited and turned away at curbside, leaving the arriving passenger stranded. Not nearly as much fun as Uber Eats.

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