We Voted On The Important Issues! So What???

Since our state legislators think it’s ok to modify propositions the people vote for without our consent, I think we should be able to change things in their lives the same way. Sorry Governor, we have decided to replace your limo with a 1971 Ford Pinto, in the interest of the people.

Who do these people think they are? We, the people voted the measures in, just like we voted YOU in. How about if we can just fire you because we don’t think your performance is meeting the needs of the people? No, we have to wait until the next election so we can vote you in or out.

Is just not right and every single person I’ve talked to agrees. One hundred percent of them. That tells me that these knuckleheads running this state really couldn’t care less about us. I would have said “could care less”, like many others do, but that doesn’t make sense. That would only imply that they DO care. Sorry, pet peeve, which reminds me, what should I feed my peeve? Some might suggest Valium.

I think we need another initiative to vote on that makes it a criminal offense to alter what the people have voted on. But I’m certain that they would change that proposition long before it is signed into law. Have town hall meetings in every single city before changing the will of the people BEFORE it is supposed to be launched. And we wonder why there is voter apathy.

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5 thoughts on “We Voted On The Important Issues! So What???

  1. In the UK us socialists have the noble belief in full democracy and how to operate it because we know best and that’s how it will get done.. We lose more elections than win them, but that gives us to opportunity to have tremendous fun hurling insults at each other for it all being ‘your’ fault’ for not being a proper socialist.
    If you were to get four UK socialists in a room and ask them to explain socialism you would end up with at least six ideas of what socialism might be, and having to break up at least one fist fight.
    PS. I hope your peeve is ok, I have some pet foibles which give me no end of trouble.

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      1. I just now found them fooling around on the horns of a dilemma but managed to get them back into their cage.
        PS: To understand how the UK’s Labour Party works watch a Three Stooges Film (though don’t expect as many laughs)

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      2. Thank Jerry.
        (I could be hung by fellow socialist for those remarks…for being a traitor or a CIA shill… which I’d be ok with if I could have some of those cool sun glasses and a regular monthly stipend)

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