I’ll Tell You Everything!!!

The next time someone who really doesn’t care asks me “How’s everything?”, I’m going to tell them everything. It will be the equivalent of someone asking Socrates, “So, whatcha thinking about?”

I really don’t like insincere comments and questions, do you? Having said that, there are times when it seems appropriate. Like when someone dumps you and your paths cross later. You ask, “How are you?”, but in your head you’re really thinking, “Haven’t been hit by a bus yet? That’s really a shame.”

it’s kind of like in ‘Groundhog Day’ when the hostess at the Bed & Breakfast asks Bill Murray’s character about the weather. He gives her a long drawn out ‘weather man’ report, complete with gestures. Then he asks her if she really wanted to know about the weather or if it was merely chit chat. Yep, chit chat.

I don’t like wasting time anymore. As I grow older I realize that time is very precious. So precious that I don’t want to waste it on people who just want to chit chat when it’s all just superficial gobbeldy gook. Yes, I said gobbeldy gook. There are things much more valuable to do than waste that time. So, how is everything?

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4 thoughts on “I’ll Tell You Everything!!!

  1. I must remember this post Jerry next time someone asks me how everything is, then I can launch into the little bit I know about quantum physics, I mean very,very,very small sub-atomic particles deserve a mention in everyday chit-chat. Where would we be without them?

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  2. I like to say “How the hell would I know?” or “Dunna, it ain’t up to me.” Just something different. “Let me make a few calls and I’ll get back to you on that.”

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