Stop Making That Face!!!

I had an uncle who, when my aunt said she was going to ‘put on her face’, said “I hope it’s not the same one as yesterday.” I said I HAD an uncle. The service was lovely.

I love the fact that my wife doesn’t wear any make up. She really has a natural beauty. Plus it only takes her a total of 45 minutes to get ready to go anywhere. I know women who require a minimum of two hours to get ready. One took about four hours, but that was legit. Everyone appreciated it.

One of my all time favorite TV shows is ‘The King of Queens’. In one episode, Doug and Carrie decided to be brutally honest about things that they didn’t like about each other. Doug told Carrie she could use less make up. He said, when we go out, you look like you’re going to an opera. Or like you’re IN the opera.” I know! Funny!

And if you don’t have separate bathrooms, good luck even finding the sink. I know! There are so many powders, creams, mascara, liquid sandpaper, loofahs, razors, lip gloss, lip stick, gadgets, blow dryers, curling irons, perfumes, lotions, power tools… You get the picture. My wife uses lotion and perfume, a blow dryer and a curling iron. That’s it! 45 minutes? Priceless.

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