Turtles On The Half Shell!!!

I love to mess with people. I went into a book store once and told an employee that I was looking for a book about turtles. He asked, “Hardback?” I said, “Please. And also with a little head, legs and a tail.” I thought it was funny. He was not amused.

My odd sense of humor has been getting into trouble for decades. Just when I think I have it under control a new low hanging fruit presents itself and bam! Back in trouble again. Like the time I called people and played a fake radio quiz where they thought they won a new TV to be picked up in the TV department at Sears at 2pm on Sunday.

I made sure I was there to watch the chaos when people began demanding their prize. Now that was funny and fortunately I didn’t get caught. I would have probably ended up upside down hanging in a tree. It was really fun hearing kids at school talk about how their parents were duped. I know! Horrible!

I also pulled the gag where you call someone and tell them you work for the phone company and you’re repairing their line and not to make any calls or answer the phone or you would be electrocuted. Then you call and let it ring and ring until the poor sucker answers the phone. Then you scream as if you really are being electrocuted. Great fun.

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7 thoughts on “Turtles On The Half Shell!!!

  1. Y’see terrorists with imaginations and a sense of perspective don’t need bombs to cause chaos, they could hire you Jerry.
    Much the better idea.

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      1. No lives lost is the best part, but don’t sell yourself low there Jerry, hustle them a bit for more cash. You know what these organisations are like always going for the cheap tender.

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