Strike Three!!! Yer’ Out!!!

I played in a ‘tweener’ league. We didn’t make any money but scouts were always there. A couple of guys got signed. Not me. I think it might have been because I couldn’t hit and had a very weak throwing arm. Not good stuff for a catcher.

I had so much fun playing baseball from a very young age. Little league, Jr. High, the league I mentioned earlier called the Joe DiMaggio league, with my brothers, especially my younger brother, Fred. We played constantly. In fact I had rotator cuff surgery about 7 years ago and he needs it now. My other brothers, Jim and John and even my sister, Joanna played with us.

I also needed knee surgeries too and I still can’t squat like I used to as a catcher. Fred and I used to make up certain games since there were only two of us. One was called ‘fly balls’. There was a barbed wire fence around our yard, which coincidentally was shaped exactly like a baseball field. It was awesome.

But I always found a way to get injured, something that has plagued me my entire life. So the idea with ‘fly balls’ was for one of us to throw the ball high and as close to the barbed wire fence as possible so we could make spectacular catches. It was great fun until I made such a catch but caught a barb in my leg and was literally hanging on the fence. Fred was laughing hysterically until he finally got some help.

Baseball is still my favorite sport. There were certainly many more injuries to come, but I wouldn’t change a thing, except for the barbed wire fence.

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3 thoughts on “Strike Three!!! Yer’ Out!!!

  1. I climbed over one once, caught the edge of my trouser leg and ended up hanging up side down. Gave three lads I knew no end of fun as they figured how to get me free, can’t remember how they managed it though.

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