This Blog Is Funny!!!

I have been called out by a few fellow comedians for opening some of my blogs with a ‘stock’ joke. One that no one remembers who originally wrote it. They are correct, however I see nothing wrong with that. If I know who wrote it, I always give them credit. This is not live comedy, it’s a daily blog.

The purpose of the opening joke is to be entertaining enough to get the reader to read the whole short and funny blog. I have a lot of viewers from all over the world and the blog seems to be growing in popularity each day.

Writing a new blog everyday is no easy task, so the critiques fall of my back like water down the back of a duck. I don’t know why the only fowl mentioned is a duck. I’m sure that water runs off of geese, swans, pigeons and even sea gulls. Somehow, they are ignored and that’s not fair.

And how about turkeys? Blue Jays? Robins and even finches? Also the Nelson birds, which I named myself because their whistle sounds just like Nelson’s Laugh from ‘The Simpsons’. Ha-ha, it seems to say. I naturally assume they are mocking me so I catch them and eat them for a snack. I know!They’re too small to have for dinner. Come to think of it, I didn’t hear them last year. Could it be I ate them all? Yikes!

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