It’s Jerry Day!!!! What??? That’s Not Fair!!!!

I’m so disappointed. I got all excited to learn that Jerry Day is August 4th this year! I know! Then I find out that it is just to celebrate Jerry Garcia! The guy already has ice cream named after him, so they really want to rub salt in that open wound?

Sure, Jerry Garcia was one of the greatest singers and song writers ever and that he performed with the Grateful Dead for their entire thirty-year career. Great contributions to be sure, but what about me? I once blew three bubbles inside another bubble while chewing bubble gum! I know! What do I get for that? Squat, that’s what.

I sang not one, but TWO songs on music row in Nashville, Tennessee. That qualifies me as a singer, doesn’t it? Did Garcia ever perform at a bar in Gillette, Wyoming in front of one truck driver? I think not! How about performing in front of 200 drunk people who didn’t listen to even one joke in Ely, Nevada? Plus, I opened for ‘Fire Fall’. He never did that.

So where is MY ice cream? Where is MY day? Um, it just dawned on me that I might be bragging a little with the Gillette and Ely gigs. My apologies. Garcia does deserve his day but I’m going to pretend that Jerry Day is also for me. I wonder if I can organize a parade?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Jerry Day!!!! What??? That’s Not Fair!!!!

      1. The Marx Brothers, Ritz Brothers and Three Stooges had safety in numbers too, and they kept moving.
        Oh the courage of the lone stand up comedian!

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