Don’t Build The Wall!!!!

There’s really no need for a wall to protect our borders. In fact, the real answer is so obvious and simple. Fill the line of demarcation with border collies. Duh, they’re already trained. You’re welcome.

Look, I don’t think the wall is really a bad idea. We need to protect the border in some way and so far I haven’t heard any viable alternatives for border security. Just a lot of complaining. I’m not a Trump guy, so don’t go there. Obama said it clearly (fact checked as true by

So border collies are the best alternative. These dogs won’t bite, but they’re great at moving large groups of animals in one direction. They could do the same thing with our neighbors to the south. No national guard. Just border patrol people and the pooches. Excellent idea!

If Mexico doesn’t want a wall, how about improving living conditions for their citizens so they don’t feel the need to flee? It takes time, for sure, and I readily admit that I certainly don’t have the answer. I just think people continually pouring into our country illegally doesn’t seem to be working.

I like the idea of controlling or borders humanely, while vetting those that enter. I don’t like the idea of ICE agents deporting people who are not criminals and splitting up families. I think that is inhumane and I don’t believe that fits within the American spirit. Let’s just stop the bleeding at the border by ensuring the people entering are doing so legally.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Build The Wall!!!!

  1. Border collies get the job done every time.
    That said, history is full of folk moving; I wonder how many amongst the indigenous population of the east coast of what is now the USA said in 1620…’There goes the neighbourhood,’
    The problem being in this world of 8 billion the elbow room is running out and mutual co-operation just is not the overall response.

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