Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum…

This year, we have broken our Christmas Tree tradition and actually took the tree down before August.

I love Christmas trees. That’s not unusual in itself, but we normally don’t take it down until far into the new year. Obviously, we have an artificial tree. We tried it once with a natural tree but in June of that year a ‘friend’ ratted us out to the Fire Marshall. I know!

Ok, so it resembled the burned tree from ‘Christmas Vacation’ and most of the ornaments had fallen off and broken, but still, it smelled great! Once a month I went to the car wash and bought some of those pine scented things you normally hang from the rear view mirror in your car. It was awesome.

We were constantly harassed by friends and family for the tree being up in July, but I didn’t care. We would simply replace Christmas ornaments with trinkets to match whatever holiday was coming up next. I’ll admit that the fire crackers were a bit much on Independence Day. It took several months to get rid of the smell of gun powder.

We’ll have to get a new tree this year because all of the lights burned out on the current one. Still, there’s nothing quite so lovely as an Easter Tree.

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