He Didn’t Marry Her????

I dated someone who got together with her friends. I was at another table with the other guys. I heard one of women say, “Last night he said those wonderful 4 words!” Another said, Will you marry me???” No, “Put your money away.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all women or men are gold diggers. Some of them prefer bitcoins. Others like plastic or good old cash money. I can’t believe I just wrote ‘cash money’. I hate that phrase. If it’s cash, of course it’s money. I know! Ridiculous. I’ve heard people say that in electronics stores like they deserve a discount.

Many people are unaware that these companies make more money if you don’t pay in cash. Most have a branded credit card and make lots of money off of it. That’s why they offer big discounts when you apply for credit. My friend Dennis went to a car dealership a few years ago to buy a new truck.

He had set up his own credit at a credit union where he received a great percentage rate for the loan. He picked out the truck that he wanted, sat down to talk turkey (another phrase I’ll never understand) with the sales guy who insisted that they finance through one of their finance companies. Dennis declined and they refused to sell him the truck! Crazy!

The irony is that we bought our car from the same dealership under the same circumstances. The difference was they hadn’t sold a car all day and they were about to close, so the sales manager buckled and we got an incredible deal too! I guess timing is everything.

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