It’s A date!!

One of my Mom’s friends went into the common area at the facility with her fist clenched and yelled “The first man that can guess what I have in my hand can go out with me!” A gentleman yelled, “An elephant!” She said, “Close enough, get your coat!”

We watched a movie a few days ago with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. They are both in their 80’s and each of their spouses had long since passed away. They began dating until he son threw a fit and she wound up moving in with the son in another town.

Pretty sad and I think that sort of thing happens a lot in real life. Adult children don’t like the idea of either of their elderly parents dating. They can’t seem to understand that many elderly people get lonely and seek the comfort of companionship with a person of the opposite sex.

That is so selfish of the offspring, I think. I’m sure one of two factors come into play. Either they think the other parent is being replaced or they can’t fathom the thought of their elderly parent being intimate with someone.

I’m 18 years older than my wife, so unless she gets hit by a bus, she is certain to become a widow at some point. I tell her that when that happens she should consider dating someone else after an appropriate number of years have passed. I think that’s about 30 years.

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One thought on “It’s A date!!

  1. I don’t understand that reaction….you’d think the kids would be saying ‘Phew! They’re off my hands’ and make sure the new partner’s health stays good. (Must be something to do with suspicions over The Will)


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