Yikes! Stop Saying That!!!

“Open wider,” said my dentist, then he said “Good grief! You’ve got the biggest cavity I’ve ever seen… the biggest cavity I’ve ever seen.” I said “Hey! I’m scared enough without you repeating that.” “I didn’t!”, he said. “It was the echo.”

I really need to see my dentist again. My checkup is long overdue. And it’s not like it’s an unpleasant experience. I go to Monarch Dental here in Utah and I highly recommend them. They take very good care of everyone, to the point where I actually enjoy going to there. I know!

I’m not insane! Well, I very well could be but not because I enjoy going to my dental appointments. I’m certain the insanity comes from my choice of profession. Seriously, who decides they’re going to quit their job and get on stage telling jokes to strangers? Insane people, that’s who.

Although I’m now retired due to health reasons, it doesn’t negate the fact that driving all over the country even when the weather is horrible to tell jokes to the good folks in Gillette, Wyoming is absolutely nutso. Every major event in my life would eventually lead me there. My wife, Heather is still performing and I know she’s insane. Crazy people should live together. We can relate to one another.

I was fortunate enough to perform stand up comedy for 30 years and as crazy as the business is, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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