I Can’t See What Time It Is!!!

The clock in our car tells us whether it’s AM or PM. If you can’t tell whether it’s night or day on your own, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be driving a vehicle.

I remember when we used to put a clock on the wall for more than just decoration. We actually needed the device to determine the time. We don’t need them anymore. In fact, we have so many time pieces around us all the time now, you can’t help but always know what time it is.

TSO (time sensory overload) is now a clinical term for a clinical which causes stress and anxiety. We have alarm clocks on our nightstands, on our phones, our wrists, tvs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, car radios… And if that’s not enough, we don’t even have to look at a clock. We can just ask Siri or Alexa what time it is.

With all of the deadlines that cause us so much stress, the last thing we need are clocks everywhere. You know where you DON’T see them? At your doctor’s office. They don’t want to remind you of how long you’ve been waiting for your appointment. Smart. Ok, I made up the whole TSO thing, but I swear to you, it’s gonna be a ‘thing’.

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3 thoughts on “I Can’t See What Time It Is!!!

  1. I’d reply but I haven’t got the time
    (vaudeville aside to audience: ‘I haven’t got the time…hahha’…… notices audience is leaving)

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