Ahhhh!! My Hair Is On Fire!!!

The sun is white. It only appears orange because of the earth’s atmosphere. The same is true for Donald Trump’s hair.

I really miss David Letterman, especially when he would refer to Donald Trump’s hair as “That thing on Donald Trump’s head”. The line cracked me up every single time I heard it. Even writing it makes me giggle.

I loved it when Jimmy Fallon messed up Trump’s hair with his hands and with Trump’s blessing. I’m pretty sure that Fallon had a harder time getting the orange coloring of his hands than if he had devoured an entire family size bag of Cheetos.

The hair ‘trademark’ is nothing new really. Phil Spector, for example, rivals only Marge Simpson for the tallest curly hair. Simpson clearly wins but if Spector were to dye it blue…

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3 thoughts on “Ahhhh!! My Hair Is On Fire!!!

  1. Hi Jerry
    (Sorry for Absence have been in ‘book writing land’)
    Harpo Marx’s curly blonde mop naturally left an impression me. I ordered a comic book mail order, on the cover the serious hero waving a ‘space-war’ type gun and looking serious….trouble was he had a mop of tight curly blonde hair…Maybe no one had the heart to tell the artist..

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