Let The Hunger Games Begin!

Heather and I watched ‘The Hunger Games’ last night. I thought Jeff Probst did a fine job hosting.

Great movie series, those hunger games. I can’t help but think they are a spin off from ‘Survivor’. On the TV version, the contestants must make alliances in order to survive and advance in the game. Same thing with the movies. I know!

There are competitive challenges in both as well, although in the film version the competitions are a little tougher. Oh, and if you don’t make it through the hour long challenge, you don’t just get your torch snuffed out. You die.

If you are the sole survivor in both versions, you become wealthy. In the film version, if you tick off the President it means big trouble for friends and family. Big trouble! In the TV version, loved ones are united with winning contestants. I think the stakes should be higher in those particular challenges. After the losers’ families disappear back into the jungle, there should be a cannon blast for each one.

That would completely freak out the contestants for the rest of the game.

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