I’m Allergic To Alligators!!!!

I’m allergic to alligators. I’m pretty sure that even one bite would probably kill me.

People who suffer from food allergies beware! Yesterday my wife and I were about to watch a football game. We decided we needed some ‘football food’ so I ordered from a local restaurant.

We ordered two mini cheese burgers, southwest egg rolls, deep fried cheese curds and boneless chicken wings. After we ate, I began to feel my throat closing up. I’m only allergic to shellfish, and we had none. What could have happened?

I looked at the list of food allergins on their website, but there were no shellfish traces in anything we ate. Then, at the very bottom of the list I read this:

‘● Cross Contact – All fried ingredients are cooked in shared fryers and maybe exposed to all allergens/animal products. For this reason, guests with food allergies should avoid fried items.’

After taking two benadryl tablets, the symptoms slowly diminished. I’ll have to be more careful in the future and be sure I don’t order any deep fried foods in any restaurant where they offer shrimp.

Please, my friends, if you have allergies to certain foods, check the menu very carefully before ordering. Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

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