I’m Sorry, Dad!!!

I’m devastated. I just learned that the phrase ‘Feliz Navidad’ is not a tribute to my Dad.

Well, Christmas is almost here. Just one week from today. I know! It seems like just a month ago it was still five weeks away. Where does the thyme go? Seriously, I don’t know where the spice goes on the rack and if I don’t get it right, Heather will not be happy.

We got all of our shopping done early to relieve the pressure. When I’m stressed about it, I have a tendency to send inappropriate presents. I’m sure my ten year old grandson didn’t fully appreciate the ‘Rambo Barbie’ we gave him last year.

It’s very important to choose the right present, especially for my wife. I nailed it last year with an Insta-pot and a lot of clothing that she bought for herself. I learned the hard way not to buy clothing for her. If I get it too large, she’ll think I think she’s chubby. Too small and she’ll think the same thing. Best to just have her buy her own clothes.

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