You Just Don’t Appreciate My Talent!!!

I love to sing and really belt it out. My neighbors love it too because they keep pounding on the walls when I do, which I’m convinced is a call for an encore. They even had some police officers come over to listen.

I can sing. Heck, almost everyone can sing. I’m not sure we all sing well, but who cares? It feels good to belt out a tune every once in a while. Especially in the car. It seems like everyone really gets into their music when they’re alone in the car. It’s fun to watch people really rock out at a stop light.

Last week I saw a lady really getting into it while Heather and I were stopped next to her. She must have been singing an opera because every piece of glass around her suddenly exploded. Even the glass in our car. That was pretty tough to explain to Geico.

I really enjoy singing along with just about every kind of music. Country, contemporary, spiritual hymns, reggae, rap… Ok maybe not reggae, but definitely rap. I even get my arms into it, put on a cool hat, wear my pants around my thighs and have a 50 pound gold chain around my neck. I rock.

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