I Can’t Pay That Much!!!

I have the perfect solution to keep your older car running well. Once a month, go look at the prices of new ones.

I don’t know about you, but the new car smell always seems to fade quickly as soon as I make my first exorbitant monthly payment. I’ll never buy a brand new car again. I’ll steal one, but I won’t buy one. Way too expensive to get from point A to point B. Plus, I don’t drive, so that would be kind of stupid.

Leasing a new car is just as crazy. They always cap the mileage just enough to make you think twice about driving it. The ‘over mileage’ penalties are ridiculous! The closer you get to the mileage limit, the more stressful it becomes to drive it. Once you hit the barrier, the car becomes a wonderful driveway ornament.

I suppose if you’re really well off you wouldn’t stress about it, but then again, most people who are really well off realize what a horrible investment normal cars are, especially buying them new. We always see the exotic car collections which increase in value. Great investments. I think I will begin collecting cars too, only they will be 1985 Nissan Sentras. I can afford to gobble up enough of those to prove that I really am bonkers.

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