Um, What Day Is This???

I just read an email from a retailer that called today ‘Thanksgiving Tuesday’. Really? What’s next? “Don’t miss these exciting eight months, two weeks and 12 hour Thanksgiving deals!” I swear it will happen.

When will the blatent non-stop greedy exploitation of holidays end? Even Veterans Day, Labor and Memorial Days trigger ‘Extended Holiday Sale!’ events. It’s sort of like actually believing a furniture store is really liquidating it’s inventory with savings up to 80% off. Three months later they are still in business. It’s a miracle!

The only furniture store I’ve noticed that really did go out of business was the one where we bought our living room sectional that needed to be repaired. It’s no longer under manufacturer warranty. It was when the trouble began and the store personnel tried to fix it – 4 times, promising a whole new sectional if the last fix didn’t work.

We decided to go to the store instead of calling and, voila, a liquidation company had taken over and told me that all sales were final and they would not exchange or repair anything. These people had no history with me and since I was out of warranty, I was stuck. So I did the only reasonable thing. I went back at 2 am and torched the joint. I just realized that I have admitted guilt just now. My next blog might be written in a dingy jail cell but at least I won’t have to worry about fixing the stupid couch.

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7 thoughts on “Um, What Day Is This???

  1. ‘Your honour. My client is the victim of sheer hearsay. Just because someone SAYS they are going to do something doesn’t mean they ARE going to do it. If the court will bear with me I will just quote from these 50 volumes of election campaign promises by various elected Senators, Congressmen and Women, Presidents, Mayors…………’

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      1. Thank you, Jerry
        I studied at Charles Schulz’s Snoopy’s Academy of Law particularly the cases of ‘John Doe vs Richard Roe’

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      2. Who can forget his stirring opening statement when Charlie Brown was hauled up for taking a bite out of the notorious kite-eating tree.
        ‘Your honour. My client was confused. He thought he was a beaver,’
        Classic I tell you.

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