Never Trust A Chicken!! Ever!!

I don’t like chickens. They have a strut to their walk which is annoying. This is it in a nutshell. They refuse to tell us the real reason why they cross the road. I think that screams conspiracy. And they won’t tell us which really came first. I say round ’em up and let ’em fry!

No other bird, fowl, whatever has been asked why they cross the road. Not one. That means it is restricted to chickens only. Why? After centuries we still haven’t a clue. These guys are very crafty and I can tell they’ve received special training because unlike their eggs, they don’t crack under pressure.

I think maybe there are egg cartels where the biggest non bleached eggs are sold on the dark web. They seem harmless but don’t cross an angry roster. They will mess you up. They also control the hen houses, so I think they are pimps.

I’m pretty sure their main headquarters is in Hawaii. We recently went to Kauai and there are chickens everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The locals don’t like them because they’re always demanding food and are a nuisance but they are not allowed to harm the chickens.

I swear, if you watch the JFK motorcade slowly, you can see a chicken on the grassy knoll. Be careful. Be very careful.

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