I Ate What????

Last night, Heather cooked pork empanadas. We actually ate ‘Pig Latin’.

We watched ‘This is Us’ last night and in the episode a woman ate a bat. A bat! I know! She was also up all night driving the porcelain bus. She and her boyfriend were in Vietnam and she wanted a taste of the local cuisine.

I guess that makes sense. I did the same thing when traveling abroad, but I never ate a bat. First of all, some of them are rabid. Plus they’re small and very greasy. How do I know? My friend Dennis hit one with the windshield of his truck. It splattered all over the glass so he instinctively turned on the wipers. Nothing but ‘bat grease’ all over the windshield.

I think if I was in a restaurant and saw bat, rat or even seagull on the menu, I’d run out of the place screaming like a little girl. There’s no way I could trust anything on the menu, not even water. I once saw some Japanese people enjoying live shrimp. I know! They loved the shrimp while I nearly lost everything I had consumed. To each his own, I guess but if I ever see bat on a menu, I’m going to call the health department.

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9 thoughts on “I Ate What????

      1. It’s ours! All ours I tell you! There’s nothing we can’t smother with thick gravy, mashed potatoes or chips (aka ‘fries’) and ketchup!
        And our tea…our precious tea!
        This was why the War of Independence started….throwing tea away…what is the matter with the fellows? Dashed cheek!

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