I Need Union Representation!!!

A Union President was ready to tell his son a bedtime story. He said, “Once upon a time and a half…”

I know people who are ‘die hard’ (I’m not sure what Bruce Willis has to do with it) union people. They wouldn’t think of going without the safety net of a union. At the risk of offending some, I honestly don’t see the need for these organizations in today’s work environment.

From what I gather, they started when the coal mine operators literally owned the grossly underpaid miners who literally owed their souls to the company store. They would buy provisions for their families against their pay, all while risking their health and lives from cave inns and black lung disease. Also kids used to work the mines too!

Those people really needed someone to represent them. Not so much today. There are government regulations regarding these jobs and others that need them. I, on the other hand, need a union! Seriously, I am driven relentlessly by my boss.

Oh, she disguises it well by asking me nicely to clean the kitchen or do some laundry, but I know what will happen if I don’t do it. Torture! Fear! Stern lectures and worst, the silent treatment. Um, I just realized that Heather reads my blog. I need to get this union thing going before she gets home today.

3 thoughts on “I Need Union Representation!!!

  1. If you are going to organise a union you need to study the works of Marx…Groucho not Karl, that is…… Mind you reading folk chapters from ‘Das Kapital’ will send them off to sleep

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