Ahhhh, Checkmate!!!!

Ladies are much more smarter than men. For example, women would never say ‘much more smarter’. That’s just poor grammar. Our wives can get us in checkmate very fast by just asking a simple question. “Does this blouse look too small?” Checkmate. Game over.

In comedy, you hear phrases like that all of the time. Why? Because we can all relate. We understand what a conundrum that creates. You need to be very careful how you answer the question. There could very well be a great price to pay.

Either way you go is likely going to land you in the doghouse. If you say yes, immediately run for cover. Go to the guy who can make you disappear from the grid. Even then she’ll probably track you down. That intuition stuff is real!

Don’t forget one simple truth. No woman leaves the house without thoroughly checking out front, side and back BEFORE asking you the question. I have learned to say “I think you look great!” The ‘I think’ part will save you because if you tell her “No, that blouse fits you perfectly!” and it doesn’t, you’ve just been caught in a lie because she already knows how it looks before she even asks you.

Including the ‘I think’ part just means you have no sense for fashion. I’ll take that any day over a lie that you are forced to tell. And you must be on guard at all times because you never know when she’ll strike. It’s a very dangerous game.

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