My Dog Shot Me!!!!

A man named Sonny Gilligan was recently shot in the back with a shotgun while sitting in his vehicle. The culprit? His dog! I know! He had his three dogs in the back seat and his shotgun was back there too. Somehow, the dog got his paw on the trigger and fired. Not surprising, after all the guy’s name is Gilligan.

How do you get shot by a dog? And why? I think the shooting should be investigated. Grill the dogs (sounds like a barbecue) hard to see if there was a motive. They already have means and the weapon. They just need motive. Maybe he wasn’t getting the food he wanted. Perhaps he hated being in the truck and used as a hunting dog.

Authorities should bring in ‘The Dog Whisperer’ to interrogate the kanines to determine if they were all involved or if it was just a one pup job. Perhaps he was hired by someone and turned ‘hit dog’. He could have been offered a lifetime of doggie treats to pull off the hit.

I think they should investigate the surviving members of the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ cast to see if they were involved. We know that they were disgruntled because no one received residuals in those days and they almost all ended up destitute. It’s worth checking out. The dog’s arraignment is scheduled for next Monday.

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