It Was Just A Joke!!!

I learned that when your wife asks you, “How can we save money on our utilities?”, don’t say, “You could start by not burning dinner every night.” Those cast iron skillets really do hurt.

My Mother-in-law can’t cook. She can nuke food, order in or dine out. When I say she can’t cook, I’m talking about the court ordered ban. Last Thanksgiving she got more people sick in one day than the West Nile Virus did the entire year.

I really don’t cook well either. I once built a small brick fire pit using bricks made from meatloaf that I ‘cooked’. It’s really not my fault. I get distracted quite easily and forget that something is in the oven. Last month I told Heather I was going to bake some potatoes. She said, “I’ll call 911 now.”

Seriously, I can boil eggs perfectly. It only took me six months to get it right. I can make a decent omelet, but I sometimes get a little crazy with ingredients, so if we ever invite you to come over for omelets, you are hereby warned.

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31 thoughts on “It Was Just A Joke!!!

  1. Thanks for joining my site Jerry and it’s nice to meet you and yes you did make me laugh several times and it was very badly needed. Levity is a good thing. It makes you live longer and feel younger. Where are you located at? I’m in Las Vegas Nevada

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      1. I had lots and people helping me in Southern California in Orange County when I live there. Here it’s a totally different ball game and the disability services are pretty bad that I’ve been searching relentlessly tonight and I found some that I think will help me finally at least to do basic things like shopping and pharmacy and things like that

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      2. To each their own though. I am not saying Facebook is bad it’s just some people in chatting on the internet more than they do relating in real life and I wanted to make more real life friends in the world and to do that I had to get off the internet and out into the real world as I call it, the world that existed before the internet was ever created.

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      3. I didn’t see this til now Jerry.
        When I was a kid we first lived in Garden Grove and then after I got married move to Sandy Utah for a while then we moved back to Huntington Beach, California and then to Orange, California…. just about anywhere in California is a great place to be though. My dream is to go back there and have a place there one day.

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      4. Man oh man that is funny isn’t it? If you and your wife ever want the Third Wheel it would make you laugh and smile let me know when you go back to Huntington Beach. I can’t afford it right now but I will in the future once the writing jobs and copywriting (web content writing) jobs and digital photography jobs open up for me

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  2. Due to an accident I had back in June and not working, I am going to temporarily demote some of my .com sites back to free WordPress sites, but they all will be up and running and so will I.
    I’m a professional copywriter, blogger website developer, photographer, and digital photo artist. I’m really happy that you found my site because I look forward to reading more from you in the weeks to come.

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