It’s Over??? It Can’t Be!!!

I have a great idea! in baseball, why not combine the designated hitter and the designated driver? The DH could drive all of the drunk people home. Win – win!

The day after the World Series and the Super Bowl are the two most depressing days of the year for me. I guess after the Super Bowl I could start going to church on Sunday again, but they don’t serve stadium hot dogs. It’s just not the same.

It could be interesting to combine the two. Hmmm… The church ushers could also act as referees and call penalties when people fall asleep or aren’t paying attention to the sermon. Whistles and all. When the pastor makes a great point, there could be video replays.

You could take it a step further and have two shorter sermons by different speakers who would score points by adding humor, really nailing a critical part of the sermon, the number of slumbering parishioners, yawns, etc. Then I would look forward to that ‘season’. Excellent idea! The Catholics already take a knee, so that would be familiar.

6 thoughts on “It’s Over??? It Can’t Be!!!

  1. But would you get time outs? They should be there allowing the pastor/priest an interlude to consult the Bible and two theological works when necessary.


      1. Quite.
        However there must be some level restraint. Vince McMahon of WWE should not be allowed to stage theological debates…..

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