Over Seven Hours??? Are You Kidding Me???

I absolutely love baseball. Last night’s game was almost too much. Everyone was exhausted. 18 innings and more than 7 hours. I didn’t want to turn it off so each time Heather asked, “Is it over yet?” I said,”No honey, they had to start over. Go back to sleep.”

I think last night’s game was one of the most exciting in World Series history. It had everything. Great pitching, acrobatic defensive plays, a runner thrown out at the plate from a perfect throw from center field that didn’t even bounce. Two successful pick offs and each team used nearly every player they had.

Baseball royalty were there too. Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, even Babe Ruth was there! Wait a minute, Ruth has been dead for decades. Ok, I don’t know who the dude was but he was important and he was there, just the same.

Game four this evening will be most interesting to see just how warn out these players are. Especially the pitchers. I think all were used last night. I think I even three a couple of innings. That game was epic but I hope tonight will be a different story. Nine innings only. Just to be sure, though, I’m icing my pitching shoulder just in case I’m needed.

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