How Is That Supposed To Help Me???

My son is the pastor of a church in Mississippi. A visitor approached him and asked my son to pray for his hearing. After prayer, my son asked him if his hearing was better. “I don’t know”, the guy said, “The hearing is on Tuesday.”

Slight miscommunication there, eh? Certainly not on the part of the pastor. The guy asking for prayer should have been more clear. Imagine if we all spoke with clarity so weren’t so many miscommunications in life. What if husbands and wives clearly spelled out what each other meant?

If Heather asks me if I’ll take out the trash, my answer is always yes, with a grunt. Why grunt? After 22 years it’s expected. If I didn’t grunt, she’d know something was up. So, I just continue to watch the game on TV until she gets on me for not taking it out immediately. I always say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think you meant right now.”

Or when someone’s spouse goes on an unexpected shopping spree and tells their partner that they saved $400 today. Interpretation – “I just spent $900 and got $400 in discounts.” If that is not made crystal clear and I was the spouse receiving the news, I would hold my hand out and wait for the $400 to be placed in my hand. Doesn’t work that way.

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