Ahhhh! I Think I Broke My Foot!!!

My foot was severely swollen and extremely painful. I went to my doctor. She took one look and said “gout”. I said, “That’s rude, I just got here.”

There is really nothing funny about the gout. It’s incredibly painful and oftentimes requires a crutch or cane to get around. I get it from time to time and it’s normally mild and gone in a couple of days.

Sometimes, however, it viciously attacks and it feels like a broken foot. That’s the way it is right now. Ugh. I’m using a crutch to get around but it’s still difficult to sleep or do household chores. Naturally I complete them anyway because I’m more afraid of my wife than the pain incurred.

Mind you, she wouldn’t hit me. Wives have so many weapons in their arsenal to make a man miserable without the customary hard pinch under the arm. That is the worst. Rarely have I felt that kind of pain. No, she’ll pretend to be cranky because she knows I’ll do anything to try and cheer her up.

It doesn’t work, of course, because she’s faking it to get even and the truth is she can keep it going for days on end. With gout, you just stop indulging in things that contain or cause uric acid and it will normally go away. Given the choice, I’ll take the gout.

5 thoughts on “Ahhhh! I Think I Broke My Foot!!!

      1. Thank you! Sometimes I’m just lazy and let stuff pile up too much. So much reading, so little time. But I’m catching up again. 😀

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