Fake News??? I Don’t Think So!!!

I’m so tired of the the entertainment and news industry always seeming to have the need to turn ordinary shows and news articles into smut. Prime example – referring to the nominated Supreme Court Justice as SCROTUM. That’s just wron…. What? Carry on.

I remember hearing the acronym ‘POTUS’ on a news program on TV. I thought, what is this term? I was never an Obama supporter, nor am I a big fan of Trump, but I have a great deal of respect for the office. I thought the reporter was using a derogatory term. It sounded like something my Dad would have called someone.

Then I remember thinking that it was a pretty cool thing to be called. But what about the average person? Don’t we deserve the same consideration? Should I have been called ‘CWTHFBIN’? Meaning ‘comedian who thinks he’s funny but is not. It fits but I have no idea how to pronounce it. Cwothfibbin?

Vice detective? Let’s not go there no matter how hard irony is calling. Emergency Medical Technician? Wait, that’s already been done. I think I want to be called ‘POTUS’ too. ‘Potentially (most) obnoxious twit in the United States’. That would work.

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