Burn Thousands Of Calories… Starting Today!!

I burned 2,000 calories this morning! Next time I’ll need to be sure to stay awake when baking scones.

I’m certainly not a good cook. My children can attest to that. So can my siblings and Heather. I even burn popcorn in the microwave. That’s just silly in this day and age. I even wait until the ‘pops’ are supposedly the perfect time in between. I should be prepared because I’ve been the ‘labor coach’ for all three of my children.

It was my job to check the timing of the contractions to ensure a successful delivery. I never had a problem. Cool as a cucumber. Not one baby harmed in any way. And I burn the microwave popcorn?? How is that possible? First of all the ridiculous button labeled ‘popcorn’ never works properly. It doesn’t burn, but it rarely pops enough kernels.

Plus, no one should attempt a remake of ‘Magnum PI’. EVER! I know how random that was, but it needed to be said.

Ahem, we now return you to today’s blog. I believe popcorn was the topic. I really don’t enjoy making pour over popcorn where a packet of ‘butter’ is included. We all know it’s not really butter and is clearly not a healthy choice. Plus you have to use a giant bowl to mix everything which takes up way too much room in the dishwasher. I really must be pretty high strung to let it get to me this much?

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8 thoughts on “Burn Thousands Of Calories… Starting Today!!

  1. Never use the popcorn button. Even the back of the box will tell you that. hahaha. I usually get near perfect popcorn between 2:30 and 2:45. Sometimes I’ll stop the microwave halfway and shake the bag to move those kernels around. And I agree with you. I’m tired of seeing all these remakes. There will be war if they ever think of remaking “Murder, She Wrote.”

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