I’ve Been Sentenced!!!!

The shortest sentence in the English language, I think, is “I am”. The longest sentence? “I do.”

Ok, before anyone goes completely nuts on me, I love my wife of 20 years very much. It’s just that as a comedian and comedy writer, there are certain things I just think of and feel the need to pen, or ‘byte’ in this case.

I don’t know why it’s so easy to poke fun at our wives. It’s not a very bright move, considering the potential consequences. Even if she thinks it’s funny, she won’t acknowledge it but, trust me, she’ll always remember it. Forever. I know!

I guess we make fun of each other because it’s probably the safest person to whom we can say things about. At least that’s the thought process. Why would I be afraid of someone who is more than a hundred pounds smaller than me? It’s because I’m a gentleman who’s wife knows would never raise a hand to her. That’s an unfair advantage. I guess I will clean the kitchen well today in order to lessen the wrath. Oh boy.

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