Stupid Keyboard! It’s Broken !!!!

All of my keyboards are messed up this morning. I know it’s true because they keep misspelling words! I know! Frustrating.

There are so many keyboards available now but they are all flawed. I’m a writer. I have to have a keyboard that works properly. If not, I look like absolute moron. I paid attention in school, I swear I did. Wait a minute. I just had a flashback. I didn’t pay attention at all! I was more interested in making everyone laugh.

I really loved high school although I cut an awful of classes in my junior and senior years and was never caught. Not one time. My mother knew because my friend and I would go to her workplace tell her. She knew better than to give me a hard time because she understood I would do it anyway. This way she at least knew where I was.

At the end of my senior year, our amazing principal, Mr. Colivas asked me to attend the last PTA meeting. I had no idea why but since he asked me, I went. At the end of the meeting, he asked me to join him up front. He did that I had cut more classes at our high school than anyone else and never got caught. I shared thoughts of shame and pride at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “Stupid Keyboard! It’s Broken !!!!

      1. It’s that Skynet I tell you…I’ve seen all of the Terminator films (not a happy experience) and the TV can’t fool me y’know……
        Why is my keyboard starting to smoulder?……………..

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  1. haha, I think I only cut school twice. I was too afraid. And I had so much work 9th-11th grade I didn’t want anything piling up. As for the keyboard, maybe they should invent the smartboard, like the smartphone.

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