A Baby Shower? Really???

Heather and I attended a baby shower. I don’t think babies should take showers. They should only take a bath. It’s too dangerous. They can’t even stand up! They could fall and hurt themselves. Plus, how can they play with bath toys in a shower?

The new trend is a baby shower for couples. I know! Couples? I must say that the one we attended over the weekend was really fun. It was a Mexican event, so the food was exceptional and the activities kept us entertained. It really was an honor to be invited, especially since we were the only gringos there.

Some things are designed for one gender or the other. Not both. Like ‘bunko’. A dice game that usually women play to get away from the guys once a week. If it’s done that way, it’s a good thing. The guys can either get together too or just stay home and watch a game.

I once broke up with a girlfriend because she got really angry because I refused to go to a couples bunko game. I don’t do bunko. Apparently I have no problem sitting on my wife’s lap and drinking from a baby bottle, which I did as part of a game at the shower, but I draw the line at bunko. It’s possible there is something drastically wrong with me. What do you think?

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