I’m Invisible!!!!!

I was using Google Earth to find places where I used to live. That was fun. Then I decided to check our current house. We’ve lived here for nearly four years and it shows a vacant lot! I know! I freaked out and ran outside to be sure the house was still there.

I thought Google updated their photos every year. If they’re supposed to, someone isn’t doing their job! They should also let us know when they’re going to shoot new photos so we can all come out of our dwellings and businesses and wave.

I believe that Google is run by aliens. How else could they get pictures from all over the world? Some people say the images come from satellites, but I don’t believe in satellites. I don’t think they exist. Oh I know that we have various ‘satellite’ TV carriers. I think the aliens run those outfits too.

I think they just beam signals where they are supposed to go. I also think governments of the world receive huge kick backs from the alien companies for keeping things quiet. When the ‘satellite’ services go down during snow storms, the aliens are just messing with us and probably laughing the whole time. If anything happens to me after this blog is published, check out these alien run places first. There are bound to be clues.

Gotta go. My meds are here.

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