Home Invasion!!!

I woke up this morning and the back door was open. My Apple Watch and Mac Book aren’t here. Neither is my drone. I know! I remember checking all of the doors before bed and… Wait, I was distracted by something shiny and I never owned any of those items. Bad dream. As you were.

Right now, the only thing missing in the house is the remote control in my ‘man cave’. That’s OK, however because we use a Firestick instead of cable and a Bose wave radio for sound and I have that remote. The rest of the control buttons are on the side of the TV. It just really bothers me that the remote is missing.

Maybe someone really did break into the house and steal the remote. They say many of these robberies are committed by people you know. I’m going to call all of my friends today and ask them if they have a Toshiba TV. If they do, I’m calling the cops. I have no room for thieves in my life!

Once recovered, I can get back to business as usual and all will be well with the world. Unless, of course, it happens that the remote is not mine. Then I will have lost the remote and a good friend. I think I’ll just have to put up with actually having to turn the set on by pushing the button. Ugh.

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