Which Way Should I Rub You????

Every time I hear someone say “He/She rubs me the wrong way.”, I think,”If you are unhappy with the way they rub you, you shouldn’t let them rub you anymore.” Why would you do that? Even if it’s a masseuse, hire someone else.

Seriously, it’s kind of a stupid thing to say. I think it means that they don’t want to like that person but can’t think of a good reason so they say ‘He rubs me the wrong way.’ I think it’s very similar to the phrase, ‘No can do.’ What? I always think the person just suffered a stroke and call 911.

It even takes more effort to just say, “I can’t.” Does ‘No can do’ sound cool? Nope. It sounds ridiculous. I’ve covered many more phrases that are ridiculous and I don’t want to beat a dead horse…

That’s another one! Who would want to beat a dead horse? What kind of a sadistic psychopath would want to do that? The animal is already dead and deserves a proper burial. Stop kicking the carcass. Let a dead dog lie… Oh my gosh, there’s another one! I’m calling 911 on myself immediately!

6 thoughts on “Which Way Should I Rub You????

  1. Today someone posted a meme that said, the only reason men say “ladies first” is so they can stare at a woman’s backside. Made me think. LOL

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  2. LOL @ “No Can Do” – It always sounds condescending. I’d read that it comes from a time when Westerners mocked Chinese Immigrants and the Pidgin English. And “Long time, no see’ may come from mocking Native Americans. Now it’s just changed into basic phrases people say.

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